About Us

We understand the power behind the one thing you wear every day – your Skin.

Maintaining beautiful and healthy skin plays a huge role in how you show up in the world. When you look at your healthy, glowing skin in the mirror, it has the same effect on your confidence as when you wear your favorite outfit– you feel positive and ready to conquer anything!

When your skin looks dull, tired, or suffering from sun damage, premature aging, acne breakouts, and acne scarring, you may feel defeated. We’re here to change that.

By providing science proven treatments and skincare products, as well as providing education on your personal skincare routine, we at Skin Loft strive to empower men and women – of all ages.

Whether you’re a busy parent, young adolescent, in your 60’s or 70’s, or you’re going through other life changes, we’re here to help you achieve total skin health. We take care of you on a personal level. We even created our Skin Loft Club, just for you.

We want to open people to new possibilities with their newfound confidence. Taking care of your skin and making it a priority is not just about appearance, it’s how it makes you feel inside. When you love the skin you’re in, you’ll love everything else around you even more.

Make Time for YOU, It Matters too.
Wear your skin confidently every day, there should be no reason to hide it.