Beautiful Skin Requires Commitment

Considering that beauty businesses make so many promises of hope wrapped up in irresistible packaging, it’s no surprise that we have difficulty being patient.

We’re left to wonder about what the next big thing in skincare will be. What is everyone buzzing about this year? Is it possible that the new miracle ingredient would transform my skin?

The skincare industry is always on a mission to explore and develop new and fascinating products transformed into practical and sophisticated formulae.

Nonetheless, none of it will make much difference unless you make a firm commitment. Yes, we’re going to say it again. Beautiful skin requires commitment.

Commit to Consistency

Maintaining consistency will be the most difficult task, especially if this is your first time making a yearly commitment to your skincare habits. It may take several months before you notice any significant changes in your skin, but remember that dedication will pay off in the long run. The desire to see immediate results is reasonable. In some cases, you will notice a smoother and softer complexion right away, but for the ultimate results, staying committed to your daily skin regimen as well as making regular visits to your favorite med spa for your professional treatments is your best bet.

Skincare works from the inside out; this is how it should be. After you have properly nourished and hydrated your skin with whole foods, you should work on developing a skincare routine that is tailored to your skin type and stick to it. A good skin care regimen and a healthy lifestyle can assist in slowing down the effects of the natural aging process and prevent numerous skin disorders. 

The same goes for making use of Medical Spa Treatments.  You must stay committed to the process and to what your skincare specialist has prescribed you.  Anything less than that will only provide you with short-term solutions. 

Skin Loft’s Treatment Plans

At Skin Loft medical spa, we believe that your skin therapy treatment plan should be tailored to address the specific requirements of your skin type—this is why we have created some specialized treatment plans to help you stay committed throughout the year.

SL Refine

With this safe and pleasant SL Refine treatment, you can have bright skin in 30 minutes or less. The treatment includes Laser Facial, a non-invasive and delicate process in which a laser gently heats the skin, resulting in a more bright and youthful appearance overall. It may aid in smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

Monthly Rate: $99/month

SL Renew

On the market today, there are several kinds of facial treatments to choose from, and technological advancements are making it difficult to stay up with the latest trends in facial treatments. With SL Renew treatment, you can get your choice of medical facial therapy for younger, fresher, and glowing skin. The treatment includes one monthly treatment of OxyGeneo or HydraFacial plus 2 Laser Genesis per year.

Monthly Rate: $159 /month

SL Restore

SL Restore combines proven treatments for optimal skin renewal to treat acne, acne scarring, and pigmentation. The annual contract includes 4 Sessions of VI Purify Precision Plus, 6 Sessions of any SL Signature Facials, 6 Sessions of Laser Genesis, and 2 Sessions of Microneedling. (Monthly services are scheduled after an assessment).

Monthly Rate: $249 /month

SL Radiance

SL Radiance combines proven treatments for optimal skin rejuvenation to treat fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and pigmentation. The annual contract includes 4 Sessions of RF Legend Pro Face and Neck, 6 Sessions of RF Microneedling, and 5 Sessions of any SL Signature Facials. (Monthly services are scheduled after an assessment).

Monthly Rate: $299 /month

Commit to yourself & better skin.

Jumpstart your skin love journey with a visit to a medical spa. Skin Loft is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your skincare goals. Click here to see a list of what our Medical Spa offers. Book your free consultation at Skin Loft – Your skin will be beautiful and radiant in no time.