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Body Treatments and Contouring Questions and Answers

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What are body treatments?

Body treatments is a broad term used to describe a wide variety of non-medical procedures that are used to provide the Client with a specific outcome related to the body. It can encompass a massage or scrub using certain minerals, lotions, creams or essential oil with different therapeutic results if infused with a particular aromatherapy scent. It can also refer to body wraps where the Client is enveloped in seaweed, mud or some other substance, soaking or immersing in a liquid that can be infused with minerals or aromas or the use of brushes, lights, magnets or electric currents on the exterior of the body. Facials, massages, rubs and other non-medical procedures performed at a spa can be classified under the overarching umbrella of body treatments. Each body treatment serves a different purpose and clients typically know what type of treatment they are looking for based on the goal of the individual service.

What are the advantages of body treatments?

The advantages of body treatments will be dependent on the unique treatment. Each treatment option under the umbrella of body treatments serves a different purpose and is designed to provide the Client with a feeling of rejuvenation upon completion. Getting a treatment such as a massage can leave you feeling relaxed and less stressed, as well as reducing tension in your muscles. Body scrubs are intended to exfoliate, moisturize and hydrate the skin while reducing cellulite. This treatment can be fairly rigorous, and clients will leave feeling rejuvenated. Electro-magnet pulses can be passed through the body to firm up the muscles in the stomach and bum, or you can get wrapped in a substance such as algae that will help to detoxify the body if you are feeling that you haven’t been eating the best food for your body. No matter what treatment you choose, body treatments are intended to make the Client feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated through the use of treatment procedures that are non-invasive. clients can even choose to have multiple treatments in a day to tackle more than one area or concern with their body.

How can I make my body skin better?

There are many ways to naturally improve the appearance of your skin without having to resort to drastic measures. Once of the easiest changes to make can be your water. Not just in the intake of the water that you drink, which is important for keeping your skin hydrated and flushing toxins from your body, but the water you use to wash can also impact your skin. Soft water can cause a residue of product on your skin, so products should be used sparingly. On the flip side, hard water can cause dry skin due to the overuse of cleaning products. Drinking green tea can help with collagen production by preventing the natural destruction. Stress takes a toll on the skin, among many other things, by increasing hormone production which can lead to oilier skin and an increase in acne. Air quality also plays a role in your skin’s appearance, with simple tricks like changing your furnace filter regularly and using the fan over your store whenever you’re cooking, reducing the particles in the air of your home that can have a negative affect on the skin. Sun damage can lead to faster aging of the skin, as wells wrinkling and brown spots. Ensure you are using a broad-spectrum sunscreen on any exposed skin or covering up with clothes, hats or umbrellas in the sun.

Can body treatments help with aging skin?

Similar to treatments that are used on aging facial skin, some body treatments can be used to help reduce and minimize the signs of aging on the body’s skin. Body scrubs that exfoliate the skin can slough off the dry, dull top layer of skin to reveal fresh, glowing skin on any part of the body. Wraps can also help revitalize the skin through the detoxification process, which can leave the skin looking healthier. Skin will naturally age, with no way of stopping the aging process. But certain treatments can be used to rejuvenate the skin which can cause it to appear tighter and brighter, giving a youthful appearance.

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