Reduced Cellulite On Legs

Why I Prefer Legend Pro RF Vs. The Old Velashape Machine

For me, the coming summer season means volleyball at the beach, pool parties at my best friend’s house, and cute short summer dresses. Everyone, including myself, wants to swing into the new season looking like the best versions of themselves. However, many people cannot enjoy summers due to the cellulite covering their legs and thighs. Cellulite is a harmless skin condition that may form for many different reasons and does not discriminate, not even against skinny people.

Continue reading below to learn about cellulite and why it forms. Moreover, this article will explain why I preferred the Legend Pro RF vs. the old Velashape machine for my cellulite reduction journey.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is an extremely common skin condition with no side effects other than making the affected skin look a certain way. According to statistics, 70 to 80% of women develop cellulite after they hit puberty, while this condition is far less common among men. Cellulite is the irregular distribution of fat under the dermis, causing the skin to have a lumpy appearance. It most commonly forms on a person’s buttocks, thighs, upper arms, etc.

What Causes Cellulite to Form?

Generally, most women have some degree of cellulite on their bodies. However, the amount, appearance, severity, and location of cellulite may vary with many different factors. Cellulite is mainly caused due to genetic reasons. So if your parents have cellulite covering their legs, it’s quite likely that you will, too.

Women are far more prone to developing cellulite than men, even without taking genetics into account. This is because women have high amounts of adipose tissue under their skin, responsible for storing fat. With greater fat reserves, the chances of fat getting deposited irregularly also increases.

Moreover, being obese and consuming fried foods also increase a person’s chances of developing cellulite. However, this does not mean that underweight people are safe from this skin condition.

How I Reduced the Cellulite on My Legs with Skin Loft’s Legend Pro RF

I first noticed my cellulite when I was around eighteen years old. My cellulite has a genetic background, and just like my mother, my cellulite covers all my upper legs and inner thighs. The cellulite made me uncomfortable in my skin and prevented me from wearing my favorite summer dresses. When I first decided to do something about my cellulite, I started by hitting the gym.

Losing excessive fat and toning the muscles under my skin caused some irregular fat to stretch out. As a result, some of my cellulite went away, and the overall appearance improved. However, no matter how hard I worked out, the cellulite was still visible enough to cause me to feel insecure.

This was when I decided to get into cosmetic procedures for cellulite removal. My first experience was with a Velashape machine that wasted my money and worsened my cellulite. The procedure was extremely painful and left some permanent scarring on my left inner thigh. Moreover, the results were subtle and soon returned to the way they were in just a few months.

I was introduced to Skin Loft and their excellent cellulite removal service using the Legend Pro RF machine a year later. My process started with a detailed consultation, which helped me understand the procedures and expectations. They also helped me connect with so many other women who got their cellulite reduced using the Legend Pro RF machine.

What is the Legend Pro RF Machine?

The Legend Pro RF is a well-designed, FDA-approved machine designed to reduce the appearance of fat on targeted areas of the body. It helps reduce the appearance of stubborn cellulite in the treated areas and tightens the treated skin simultaneously. It uses a unique Tripollar radiofrequency (RF) thermal energy that transmits heat deep into the skin’s different dermis layers.

The heated rays cause the hard fat deposits to melt into more regular flattened layers. Moreover, it stimulates the upper layers of the skin and triggers collagen production, allowing the fibrous protein structure to strongly bind around the newly flattened layer of fat. As a result, the appearance of cellulite is visibly reduced, and the skin looks significantly smoother and younger.  

Why is the Legend Pro RF Machine Better than the Old Velashape Machine?

  • The Legend Pro RF procedure was pain-free and caused no mental distress. On the other hand, the Velashape machine suction was extremely difficult and painful for me.
  • The cellulite reduction procedure performed by the Legend Pro RF machine only took thirty to forty minutes in total and hence was time-efficient.
  • The Legend Pro RF procedure caused no scarring or damage to my skin. In contrast, the Velashape caused bruising and broken blood vessels to appear.
  • The Legend Pro RF procedure has far more prominent immediate results, while the Velashape machine needed five procedures for me to notice a difference.
  • The Legend Pro RF procedure was far more cost-effective than the money I wasted on the five Velashape cellulite removal procedures.
  • The Legend Pro RF procedure’s results are far more long-lasting.

Final Thoughts

Living with cellulite made me extremely insecure and unhappy about my body. It affected my mental health, social interactions, and romantic relationships. Skin Loft’s Legend Pro RF machine not only reduced my cellulite but gave me a youthful body I am extremely proud of.

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