Laser Sunspot Removal

There was a time when individuals believed that dark spots were merely a normal part of the aging process and nothing could be done to prevent them. However, in recent years, developments in dermatology-related treatment have made it abundantly evident that sunspots are just the consequence of prolonged exposure to the UV rays and not a permanent condition. So, if you’re looking for a simple yet efficient laser sunspot removal treatment to remove unwanted spots from your skin, Alexandrite Laser Sunspot Removal might be a fantastic option for you.

How Does Alexandrite Laser Sunspot Removal Work?

One session of Laser Sunspot Removal at Skin Loft

The Alexandrite laser, often known as the 755, is ideal for treating sunspots and pigmentation in small regions. The technology produces concentrated light energy by using an alexandrite crystal as its source. Light passing through the alexandrite crystal produces a beam of light of 755 nm in wavelength as it travels through the crystal. By targeting pigmented spots with light, this device causes pigmented patches to break apart and fade away. Moreover, it is an excellent treatment choice for persistent pigment that does not fade with IPL treatments.

Is Alexandrite Laser Sunspot Removal Safe?

The Alexandrite Laser Sunspot Removal has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat a variety of skin tones, age spots, and pigmentation disorders. It has an exceptionally high level of safety. Considering the dangers of every medical treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical, selecting an experienced laser provider who knows the finer details of laser therapy is essential. However, at Skin Loft Medical Spa, you’re in good hands.

Treatment Downtime

Alexandrite Laser Sunspot Removal is well tolerated and usually takes less than 15 minutes. Patients describe a sense of heat that may feel akin to a sunburn for up to 30 minutes post-procedure. However, there is no significant downtime connected with Alexandrite. The treated areas may turn black and gritty and may be sensitive for up to a week while recovering; thus, it is vital not to pick or wash the region too aggressively to minimize unwanted scarring. Moreover, it is necessary to protect the region from sun exposure or other irritants.

What to Expect After the Treatment?

Many individuals find one to two sessions of Alexandrite for small brown spots sufficient; however, more pigmented regions may require a series of treatments for visible results. Not that once removed, these spots are usually not recurrent. Still, it depends on how seriously you incorporate sunscreen and wear sun-protective clothing in your routine to prevent the formation of new pigmentation.

At Skin Loft Medical Spa, our highly experienced staff will meet with you to explore your unique areas of concern and provide a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs. We’ll begin by photographing your progress during the treatment to record your development. Treatments are brief, lasting no more than 30 minutes on average.

However, you may get a heated feeling on your skin immediately after the procedure, and any brown spots will seem darker. The black patches that form immediately after your treatment will continue to darken and peel off for about 7 days. We recommend staying out of the sun and applying sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher at all times.


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