Top Causes Of Hyperpigmentation And How You Can Avoid It

There are different types of hyperpigmentation, including melasma, liver spots,  and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, that affect most people. They can affect people of any age, skin type, color, or gender and are linked to several different causes.

In this blog, we’ll be addressing some of the most common causes of hyperpigmentation and how you can avoid it and possibly reduce it through a combination of lifestyle changes and aesthetic treatments.

The main causes of hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can result from a variety of different causes, some within our control, and some outside it, including:

  • Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are most commonly linked to melasma, a type of pigmentation where the body produces more melanin in certain areas. You might experience hyperpigmentation following pregnancy, on or off birth control, or if you have certain adrenal and hormonal disorders.

You can minimize this outcome by prioritizing sun protection and caring for your skin when you step out. Invest in a high-quality, broad-spectrum sunscreen that will prevent excessive melanin production in response to sun exposure.

  • Injury or damage to the skin

Another common cause of hyperpigmentation is injury and damage to the skin’s surface. It’s important to take care of your skin any time it breaks, such as after a fall, prick, scab, or gash, or even acne and other breakouts, because they can lead to postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.

To minimize postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, you should keep the skin moisturized, avoid peeling scabs, and ensure that the wound heals fully before seeking any additional treatment. We recommend using a lightweight product such as this Green Tea Defense Serum for blemish-prone skin to keep it moisturized and hydrated, and encourage collagen production for faster repair.

  • Liver spots and sun spots

Pigmentation is also caused by liver spots and sun spots and typically appears on body parts that receive excessive sun exposure. You may notice them on your face, hands, feet, back, and other areas that see a lot of sunlight, and the best way to prevent them is by doubling down on sun exposure using sunscreen, covered clothing, and other measures.

Our med spa offers laser sun spot removal that you can look into if you’re interested in minimizing their appearance.

Give your skin the care and protection it needs in order to thrive, and we’ll help you get healthy, beautiful, even-toned skin through our treatments.  Set up a consultation at our medspa located in Midtown Manhattan and we’ll provide recommendations for the right treatments and skincare products for your individual needs.