Habits That Can Reduce Collagen Production

As the hottest buzzword in the beauty industry, collagen is all that everyone’s been talking about. It may sound like some fancy skincare ingredient, but it’s actually just fat deposits underneath your skin. However, without these fat deposits, your skin will lose its elasticity, and wrinkles will form.

Collagen starts to deplete as we age, but some habits accelerate its depletion, leaving your skin with collagen deficiency and prominent wrinkles even at a young age prompting you to rely on skin rejuvenation treatments to maintain the collagen. Find out what these habits are by reading this guide.

Excessive Sun Exposure

While our skin needs a little Vitamin D from the sun for cell repairs, too much sun exposure can be dangerous. Not only do the UV rays accelerate collagen breakdown, but they can also increase wrinkle formation by causing a buildup of elastic fibers. Using SPF-containing skincare products allows your body to absorb vitamin D without letting the harmful UV rays penetrate your skin.

Lack Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that targets the free radicals in your skin that breakdown collagen. It also stimulates collagen production, but our bodies can’t generate vitamin C on its own, so we need a vitamin C-rich diet or supplements to maintain the levels. Incorporating citrus fruits into the diet is one option, and you can even go for serums and creams rich in vitamin C.

Not Enough Sleep

You may not believe it, but beauty sleep is important. When our body and brain are exhausted, it affects all of our bodily functions, including collagen production. Moreover, you may have noticed your skin looking bad when you’re not getting enough sleep. That’s because your body doesn’t have the energy to repair your skin. Proper sleep is required daily to boost collagen production and prevent wrinkles.

Poor Or Aggressive Skincare Routine

Aggressive skin care routines like daily exfoliation and using products with harsh chemicals damage the top layer of the skin by causing tears. While this activates the skin’s healing process and stimulates collagen, constant damage to the skin will have the opposite effect and reduce collagen production.

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