Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing vs. Shaving: Which is the Best?

No one likes to shave every week!

Women have used various hair removal methods throughout history. The goal of every method is to get rid of hair as quickly and for as long as possible. Naturally, hair grows back within a certain time frame, no matter which method you try. However, some methods are far more effective than others.

Let’s compare the three most common methods of hair removal — laser hair removal, waxing, and shaving — to see which one’s the best.


Hair removal isn’t fun, so women look for the most convenient ways to do it. Laser hair removal is certainly the most convenient way to get rid of hair since you only have to exert minimal effort. A skin professional does all the work for you!

Contrarily, waxing and shaving can create a hairy mess all over your bathroom. Waxing is more painful than the other two methods and also creates the most waste.

Longevity of Results

According to experts, your hair grows about 0.5 – 1 inch every month. Shaving only cuts off the top half of your hair follicles, which is why your hair seems to grow back quicker. Waxing, on the other hand, rips your hair out from the roots, causing it to grow back slower.

Laser hair removal directly damages your hair follicles and inhibits hair growth. That’s why laser hair removal produces the most effective results with longevity.

Value for Money

Regarding costs, shaving is the most appealing hair removal method. Shaving razors and creams aren’t too costly. They also last a while, which gives you good value for your money. Waxing is comparatively more expensive, but it’s still a cheaper option than laser hair removal.

While laser hair removal procedures are the most costly option, they’re also the most effective. So, laser hair removal still gives you the best value for your money.

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