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Tone up those muscles and reduce unwanted stubborn fats with the use of this new technology. Call us for more information or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 57 W 57th St, suite #1701, NY, NY 10019.

Legend Pro Treatment Near Me in New York, NY
A relaxing treatment that improves the apperance of cellulites, tones and sculpts your muscle!

Legend Pro

About Legend Pro is clinically and histopathologically proven to heat up both superficial (dermal) and deep (hypodermal) layers of the body.The method heats up deep skin layers by delivering high frequency current via electrodes into the body. As the area gets heated up, fatty acids are released causing the cells to shrink.
Benefits Improves the appearance of cellulites, Tones and firms the skin, Accelerates metabolism, Fat cell reduction
Areas treated: face, uncerchin, arms, legs, stomach, love handles, bra fat, underarm fat

Before and After

Skin Loft’s Legend Pro for Body Toning and Contouring

Legend Pro is a combination of Tripollar energy and DMA muscle stimulation for non-invasive body circumference reduction, skin tightening and reduction of cellulites.

It offers flexibility of targeting different layers of tissue individually, from superficial skin layer to muscle, all in the same treatment session. Treatment can be tailored to different body parts.

Is it right for me?

Legend Pro treatment is not suitable if you are pregnant, have active infections or are heat sensitive. Areas with any cuts, piercings or tattoos needs to be avoided. Always consult with your treatment provider first specially if you have metal implants such as pacemaker or have recently had injectable filler.

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Legend Pro Technology

Legend Pro technology tightens skin, tones muscle, reduces the appearance of cellulite and contours the body for targeted, long-term results. Muscular toning through DMA (Dynamic Muscle Activation) technology to reach deep and stimulate muscle, boosting circulation so that skin appears toned and lifted.

Tripollar RF triggers collagen and elastin fiber remodeling by controlled heating to the deep dermis. contracted fibers create immediately noticeable tightened skin effect.