The Risks Of Excessive Sun Damage: All You Need To Know

An astounding 42% of Americans do not get enough Vitamin D, which our bodies produce after sun exposure. Yet an excessive amount of sun exposure leads to sun damage. It’s definitely a complex situation because while we need sunlight for our mental, physical, and emotional health, too much sunlight isn’t great either.

In fact, the dangers of excessive sun damage, especially chronic and long-term, are far too great to ignore and downplay, some of which include:

  • Burns, Premature Aging and Damage to your skin

Excessive sun damage leads to burns and damage to the skin barrier. Sunburns are not a minor inconvenience or hilarious anecdote. Beyond the temporary discomfort, they actually accelerate the aging process and lead to the development of growths and abnormalities in the cells.

  • An increased risk of melanoma

As a result of repeated burns and sun damage, your risk of cancerous and precancerous growths also increases. Skin cancer can occur in different forms, including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, other precancerous growths like actinic keratosis, and different types of moles and tumors. In fact, getting 5 or more sunburns in your life increases your chance of skin cancer by 80%.

  • Worsening of certain diseases

Sun exposure also contributes to other diseases and health conditions including rosacea, spider veins, psoriasis, and different autoimmune disorders. It’s important to be aware of your health and avoid sun damage and exposure to prevent flare-ups and exacerbation of your condition, especially if there’s a risk of a serious immune response.

  • Sunspots and loss of elasticity

Excessive sun exposure also leads to the formation of sunspots and a loss of elasticity over time, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and other forms of damage. If you want healthy, even-toned, beautiful skin that protects you and your internal organs, it’s best to limit your sun exposure to the recommended time and methods.

Sun protection is important for your overall health and safety; it’s not just about spots and tan lines. Invest in a high-quality SPF product such as this lotion developed by our skin care clinic in NYC, or head to our spa to seek out treatments for sun damage. We offer laser sun spot removal in NYC, and other services including facials and more. Reach out to us to learn more.